Artificial Turf For Pets & Dogs

If you have dogs or other pets, artificial turf can be an excellent investment for both the maintenance of your yard and the health of your pet. With a high-quality product and proper installation from Turfstore Direct, you and your pets can enjoy a clean and pristine yard for years to come.

Considerations For Your Synthetic Pet Grass

When our customers are installing artificial grass in a yard with a pet, it’s important we choose the best product and properly install it to maintain sanitary conditions

We take into consideration

  • The size, breed and number of the animals - a couple great danes will likely need a more durable product than a teacup poodle!
  • Size of the turf area - do you just need a patch of turf in your otherwise rockscaped yard for Fido to tinkle on? Or are you covering an entire yard?
  • How much time the pet will spend on the turf and their demeanor - destructive dogs need turf with added security.
  • Your personal preference - length, color and thatching can all be customized to create a beautiful and functional pet grass.

Benefits Of Artificial Pet Grass

  • Eliminates Urine Spots And Reduces Odor
    With synthetic grass, there are no more brown, dead patches highlighting Fido's favorite "spot," and odors are reduced up to 100% when we infill with ammonia-reducing ZEOFILL Brand zeolite crystals.
  • Water And Urine Quickly Drains
    Our turfs drain quickly (30" per hour), so whether it's urine or a downpour, the grass will be dry in no time.
  • No Muddy Paws
    Designed to drain fast, Turfstore Direct Synthetic Grass eliminates mud puddles, meaning your pooch won’t come into the house with dirty paws.
  • Bye-Bye Pests
    Fleas and ticks prefer not to live in plastic grass, and ground dwelling rodents can't break through it with a proper installation. Your yard will be virtually pest-free with synthetic turf.

Let Turfstore Direct Create
A Backyard Paradise For Your Pets

Get started with your synthetic pet grass installation that is guaranteed to be lusciously green all year long while standing up to anything your pets can throw at it! Contact Turfstore Direct, or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation or order your complimentary turf samples.